MK X Core Limbs

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  • 1. Applying high-strength and high elasticity carbonThe X-CORE Limb is made using high-strength, high-elasticity carbon made by applying MK’s advanced and specialized carbon processing technique. And hard-maple wood is optimized for carbon to increase elasticity and improve the arrow speed and concentration.2. Add a layer of carbon for improvement limb stabilityTo improve stability while maintaining high performance, we added a layer of carbon to the X-CORE limb. This added carbon layer strictly holds the limb to prevent twists and makes them much more stable for aiming and shooting.
    Also, we applied a new raw material combination ratio that is different from the existing limb to enable much smoother shooting than the existing limb.3. Minimize the air resistance Prevent modification by sunlightThe X-CORE limb tip is designed sleek to reduce the air resistance while shooting. And a painting process is added to the limb outside to reflect sunlight when the product is exposed to the sun, preventing minimal modification by sunlight.
    Wood core, carbonMatt FinishShort (66″) / Medium (68″) / Long (70″)available in 32 to 48 Ibs. In 2 Ib, increments
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    MK X Core Limbs

    MK X Core Limbs