Hi Archers, the following activities can be incorporated as part of your exercise routine at home or anywhere. It does not require the need to shoot an arrow but can help you gain strength and build the muscles that are essential to archery. 

Hope that this will help you! 

We would advise that archers doing these activities be physically healthy and well. If you should experience any discomfort please stop immediately and consult your doctor or physician if needed!

Archers can at any time adjust the (1) number of repetition (reps) and (2) number of sets to the exercise in accordance to your strength level!

Bow Training Exercises

1. Recurve Bow Training - "1-2-3-4" (Do-able with Accubow too!)

Raise your bow/Accubow up to drawing position around eye level, pull to anchor. Then bend your bow arm in and then straighten back your bow arm again. Finally, loose the tension on your drawing arm back to pre-draw position. Repeat this for 3 sets of 15 Repetitions (reps). 
**While doing this activity remember always to keep your shoulders low.

2. Compound Bow Training - "Butterfly"

Hold your bow on your left hand first and from the starting position (bow in front of you), engage your back muscles to bring the bow to your side. 1 rep refers to bringing the bow to the back and front again. Repeat for 3 sets of 10 reps and on BOTH arms. Keep your back straight and not hunched.
**Recurvers can do this as well!

3. Recurve Bow Training - "Pull to Anchor" (Do-able with Accubow and Resistance Band too!)

“Repeated pull to anchor” – Raise your bow, @accubow (at 00:13) or with a Resistance Band (at 00:27) and draw it as per normal to anchor. Loosen tension to almost pre draw position, then draw back to anchor. Repeat this for 3 sets of 20 reps.

**You may increase/adjust the amount what you are comfortable to start with and then slowly increase as you get stronger!

4. Compound Bow Training - "Bow Raise"

“Bow Raises” – Raise your bow to your shoulder height and hold for about 20 seconds. Do bow raises on both arms. 1 set will be 20s done on both arms, repeat for 3 sets.
**Archers should ensure that their shoulder remain low during this exercise.
**Recurvers can do this too!

5. Recurve Bow Training - "Pull and Hold"

Raise your bow to a pre-draw position. Pull to anchor as per normal and maintain the hold for 10 seconds. Put your bow down after 10s. Each hold is 1 set. Do this for 5 sets. You can increase your holding time as you gain more strength.
**For Archers using resistance band, loop the band around your elbow and draw back. This will help in focusing on the drawing and expansion movement.
**Compounders can do this too! 

Physical Exercises

1. Standard Push Up

Place your palms on the floor, at chest level, shoulder width a part and your elbows should be by your side as much as possible when you are lowering yourself towards the ground. A continuous motion of going down and up is considered 1 repetition (rep) Repeat this for 20 reps with 3 sets or any number that you can manage first!

**while doing pushups it is important to remember to keep your whole body as straight as possible! Your back should not be curved**

2. Wide Arm Push Up

Place your palms on the floor, at chest level, wider then shoulder width. Your elbows should bend at a 90 deg angle when you lower yourself towards the ground. Repeat this exercise 20 reps in 3 sets or any number that you can manage first!

**while doing pushups it is important to remember to keep your whole body as straight as possible! Your back should not be curved**

3. Core Training - "Russian Twist"

Sit on the floor and lean back slightly. You can choose to place your foot down on the floor or have it slightly elevated up. Twist to your sides of about 10 degrees, from center to the left, right then back to center will be considered as 1 rep. You can start of with 3 sets of 10. And as you get stronger you can try to increase the amount of reps you are doing!

4. Core and Legs Exercise - "Lunges"

Stand upright and first with your left foot, extend it outwards and lower your body down to an almost high-kneel position, but do not touch your knees to the floor. Return back to an upright position and then no extend your right foot forward and lower your body down. You can increase the difficulty level by carrying weights while doing lunges (00.17). 1 lunges each on both legs is considered 1 set you can start with 3 sets of 20 reps and increase as you get stronger.

5. Recovery - "Internal Rotation"

Have your arms at your sides, elbows bend at 90 deg towards the front, with each hands holding on to each ends of the exercise band, looped behind your back. With a comfortable tension in the exercise band, swing your left forearm inwards slowly with control while keeping your elbow by lock to your side, and swing your left forearm back to original position.
**This helps in strengthening your inner shoulder muscles.