Beiter Winder Profi X Heavy

Beiter Winder Profi X Heavy

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  • The Beiter Winder PROFI HEAVY has 15mm stainless steel knobs on the spindle, instead of the 9mm ones. A small but significant change!

    The Beiter WINDER PROFI is used by many professional string makers, and the WINDER PROFI HEAVY has been designed to meet the highest requirements for a serving tool.
    Thanks to the added weight on the spindle, the centrifugal force while spinning is much higher than with the other Winder models. This allows - paired with the usual Beiter WINDER features - an extremely tight serving!

    The already known features of the other Winder models are also available: Easy clip in system for the yarn, extraordinary smooth guidance, unique sliding of the disks, highest precision and guidance, extremely fine adjustable friction and tension, easy and fast exchangeable serving spool...
    The Beiter Winder PROFI Series can be used in combination with the Beiter Twister.

    The Winder PROFI Series are an ideal tool for all professional string makers and Compound archers looking for hard servings!

    Due to the 15mm stainless steel knobs the Winder PROFI X-HEAVY generates higher centrifugal forces while working and so it allows a tighter serving! 
    The weight difference between the Standard Spindle (50g) and the Profi Heavy Spindle (80g) is 30g!!...60% more!!
    You may equip the spindle also with two different steel Knobs, one with 9mm and one with 15mm to generate an imbalance, to make it easier to spin the Winder. (optional)

    - Beiter

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    Beiter Winder Profi X Heavy

    Beiter Winder Profi X Heavy