Prime Nexus 4 (Target colours)

Prime Nexus 4 (Target colours)

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  • The Prime Nexus

    Introducing the all new 2021 Prime Nexus. Our Nexus platform offers 50% less vibration, our fastest cam yet and NASA developed Technology. 

    Prime Nexus : Nano Grip

    This NASA Developed Aerogel creates an insulated barrier between a freezing cold aluminium riser and the composite grip.

    NASA originally developed aerogel technology to protect astronauts from extreme hot and cold temperatures. 

    Visit WWW.PRIME.COM to see exactly how aerogel works!

    50% Less Vibration

    The Prime Nexus platform reduces Vibration by over 50% making this the quietest, most dead in the hand bow we've ever made.

    Fastest Prime Ever

    A new cam design and industry standard 6" brace height, the Prime Nexus is the fastest bow we/ve ever made! With a rotating mod, the R2 cam can be adjusted from drawlengths 23" - 31.5" all without a bow press.

    ATA: 34"
    Speed: 345 FPS
    Brace Height: 6"
    Weight: 4.4 lbs
    Draw Length: 23.5"-30.5"
    Draw Weight: 40-80 lbs
    Colour: Midnight Blue, Deep Red, Classy Copper, Hammered Grey

    Important Note: SE Archery do not facilitate the sales of compound bows online. Do contact us or visit our shop to purchase your bow.  

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    Prime Nexus 4 (Target colours)

    Prime Nexus 4 (Target colours)