Range O Matic Original Spin Wing Vanes 1 3/4 (100pcs)

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  • All Spin Wing Vanes are designed to be forgiving, give excellent bow and cable clearance, stabilize the arrow faster and improve accuracy.  Their light weight produces more feet per second giving the arrow a flatter trajectory and retaining most of its kinetic energy. They have been shot at over 350 feet per second without adverse effects and can be used with recurve, compound bows and crossbows.  Spin Wing Vanes have been used to take numerous medals and set many world records.

    Original Spin Wing Vanes feature a curved pocket design that traps and compresses air to rotate the arrow twice as fast as the average vane. The high-spin rotation improves arrow flight for tighter groups, even in changing wind conditions. The thin curved design has minimal drag.

    - Range O Matic (ROM Spin vanes)

    Each packet contains 100 pcs of ROM Spin wings, 9 pieces of double sided tape and 2 rounds of black tape

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    Range O Matic Original Spin Wing Vanes 1 3/4 (100pcs)

    Range O Matic Original Spin Wing Vanes 1 3/4 (100pcs)


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